“Consultation is vital to the creation of a park that meets the requests and needs of all its users.”

Skateparks often become the focal point of an area, once built the skatepark attracts users but also offers a spectacle for onlookers, the success of the final outcome is dictated from the very start of a project.

This process involves meeting with local users and community groups to create the most effective plan possible. Taking onboard this input from the community, the information is transformed into a fluid design.

“Our aim is to build a park that will support activity across a generation.”

A 3D model is created to illustrate different concepts and ideas, the models are then reviewed and any changes are made to create a final skatepark design.

We employ a ‘by the user, for the user’ approach, and along with our background and experience, we are able to create skateparks that cover the needs of all activities, whilst considering the user skill levels and abilities right through from beginner to a professional level.

– Exciting lines and directions within a park design offers more creative ways in which the user can ride the skatepark.

– A considered plan ensures for a longer lasting skatepark that will encourage the development of it’s users and their skills.

– Our knowledge means we can build a park that integrates a number of different disciplines and ensures a great user experience.

“Young people will return to further their skills and engagement with the facility.”

We appreciate the diverse nature of skatepark users and want to create a central point to further the skills and integration of young people. A better user experience ensures the sustained life of a facility.